Master-mind secrets

Yesterday I was at a meeting where a woman who is a “Secret” facilitator said that she helps in making dreams come true.  She says she works with the impossible, not the possible and help people to achieve their dreams.  She said wishing to find a job is a goal but hoping to meet Paul Simon is an impossible dream – it’s huge – this is what she’s about. This woman came from the Philippines four years ago. Both she and her husband are engineers but their credentials are not recognized in Canada and so she set herself upon this path of making a life for her family.  In the four years they’re here  they already own their dream house, their children are enrolled in private schools and she has written a book about the winning strategy – something to that effect. She said that she offers a free 10-week course and she also establishes master mind groups across the city where people are learning the secret to achieving their dreams. I think I will sign up for her next class. Perhaps that would be a good starting point to achieving my dreams which is not really my dreams but my dream to help kids or young people find the right connection to advance their arts. It is so difficult and I  know you might be saying that there are hundreds of people who deserve a chance to be heard and seen but I am talking about these four young people  that I know and that’s my focus for now. I want contact with Mark Ronson, P. Diddy, Mowtown A&R, perhaps Clive Davis.

I hope you can help. Don’t be afraid if your suggestion gets me no further. I am patient. Let’s do it. Heeeere’s to the ordinary folks getting things done.


~ by tradeum on October 6, 2008.

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