Stephen Harper remains Canadian Prime Minister

After a month long political campaign for change everything remained the same in Canada as they were before.

Mr. Stephen Harper was relected with more votes than the other parties but not enough to give him a majority. He remains a minority leader of the house.

Stephane Dion came out with a few less seats after a strong fight to get his carbon tax message across. But it appears Canadians did not want to hear about more tax not even one that would save the future for our children.

Ever the optimist, Jack Layton,  Leader of the New Democrats,  who applied for the job of the Prime Minister, spoke like a winner – he gained about 7 more seats

And Elizabeth May also won with no seats.  She had set her sights on dethroning the Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter McKay, incumbent.

Gilles Duceppe, scared Quebeckers into voting for the Bloc. So nothing has changed

All’s well that ends well. Canadians can sleep in peace that nothing has changed. We have our minority government which incidentally is becoming trendy in Canadian politics. We Canadians are happier when things remain the same.

(Photo l to r Jack Layton, Stephane Dion, Stephen Harper, Elizabeth May and Gilles Duceppe

~ by tradeum on October 15, 2008.

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