Prediential Debate Fodder for Late-nigh Comics

What would the comics do after the election is over. They had it pretty easy these past few months with great materials handed to them for free.  Here are some quips from last evening’s debate – courtesy of USA Today

“Tonight was the very last presidential debate. You know what that means? Prayer does work.” — Jay Leno, NBC’s Tonight Show.

“Sarah Palin had to have her campaign bus make an unscheduled stop at Wal-Mart in Ohio so she could pick up a package of diapers… Turned out Senator McCain didn’t need them, but still — it’s the thought that counts.” — Jimmy Kimmel, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“Barack Obama unveiled his economic plans this week. Obama said there’s one word on everybody’s mind, and that is J-O-B-S. Immediately afterward, President Bush accused Barack of talking in some kind of secret code.” — Leno.

“How about Barack Obama. He’s going door to door, knocking on doors. It’s fascinating. It’s a throwback. I don’t know if he’s getting any votes, but today he came back with a big bag of Halloween candy… But it was a bit embarrassing when he rang the doorbell at two of John McCain’s houses.” — Letterman.

Have a chuckle, this will soon be over and we will have to deal with the serious economic downswing of the USofA.


~ by tradeum on October 16, 2008.

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