Watching paint dry

Aren’t you glad that the “presidential” debates are over. I don’t know about you but for me it was like watching paint dry. These guys are way too cool – debates ought to be passionate not dull and repeating the same things over and over and over again.  We’ve heard it all and if you can’t make up your mind as yet might as well you stay home and don’t vote because you’re not going to hear anything new.

I have nothing against old people – I had grandparents whom I loved dearly and respected – but I think McCain is too old for the job.  He is so out of touch with the present day realities of life.  When I listen to him it’s like going back to the future.  His time has come and gone.  And let me tell you this, we’re prepared to let old men take over the top and most important job in a country and when you and I little people reach 60 our employers are ready to ditch us in favour of the young. If it is okay for a person to apply for the top job of a country at 75 then you and I little people ought to have the same right and not be discriminated because of our age.

   If we are going to move forward as a nation, if we are going to be respected as one of the greatest nations on the planet, we need change, we need to adopt a new way of doing business.  We need a person like Barack Obama.  He represents the change I’m talking about.

On election day, you decide for yourself and vote. If you choose not to vote then I do not want to hear from you when things go bad because you have not done your duty and exercised your right to vote.  Many folks died so that we would have the right to vote, women, blacks, minorities, poor people without property to their name – we are all beneficiaries. So let’s do it. Let’s make someone’s dream come true.

I’m still looking to tap in to the degrees of separation to actualize my dream.  Check out my other entries to find out what I’m talking about.

~ by tradeum on October 16, 2008.

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