Canadian model dies in Italy

Hayley Marie Kohle, a 26 year old model from Beausejour Manitoba recently died sudenly in Milan – the fashion capital – Italy and allegations are that she may have taken her own life.  The family in Manitoba said all they heard is that she fell from a 7th story building and they are not quick to buy that story.  However friends who were with Hayley at the time of her death said the beautiful woman told them she was going for a smoke and apparently took this drastic decision to jump.  Why,  you might ask, why would someone who apparently had everything = great beauty, a career in the  fashion industry and the money that goes with that? 

Ugo Besozzi, head of Future Models, the Milan-based agency Kohle joined in January, told CBC News Kohle was not alone at the time of her death. The young model’s roommates have suggested she took her own life, he said.

   Hayley was on her way to the top  but it has not always been easy for her we’re told.  There is suggestion that she previously worked in the seedier side of the business in Italy perhaps with shady characters? But those  are the kinds of experiences that toughens up a person so everyone who knows her are kind of suspicious about her sudden death.  The Italian police are investigating the death and communicating with Canadian consular.

  She is described as a pleasant person but quiet and reserved.  Those closest to her said her career was on an upward trend … then why?  Meanwhile friends in Manitoba claim she was a tough cookie and they could not see her taking her own life.

In the wake of this death, there is call for tougher legislation to regulate the modeling industry and protect this group of workers  in terms of recruitment and work standards, recruitment of foreign workers headed for the entertainment industry  there are too many loopholes.

“You hear about things like this in the news all the time, and I mean, we do work so stuff like this doesn’t happen, but to know somebody personally that it happened to, it’s just really terrible,” said Kellie Miller another Winnipeg Model who  lives in Italy.

A memorial service for Kohle will be held on Monday in Beausejour.

~ by tradeum on October 19, 2008.

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