Barack Obama leaves campaign at critical time

Senator Barack Obama took some time from his busy campaign trail to visit his ailing grandmother in Hawaii.  Barack said his grandmother had the greatest influence on him because she raised him and was a good grandma to him.

I hope she would live to see the day that her little boy become the President of the United States of America. I think it will be a nice gift to her before she passes to the next world.  She would have known in some way she has contributed to making this young man into the person he is today.  What a story that would be!

    His grandmother’s name is Ms Madelyn Payne born in 1922 to a Midwest oil company clerk.  She was raised in Kansas and attended college at the University of Washington.

In 1940 she married Stanley Dunham. Madelyn is described by Mr Obama as something of a rebel, and during World War II she worked as an aircraft inspector for Boeing. She later studied at the University of California in Berkeley.

The couple moved to Honolulu in about 1960 with their daughter Ann. Still in her teens, Ann would soon meet Mr Obama’s father, a student from Kenya at the University of Hawaii, fall pregnant and marry him.

After that marriage failed, Obama’s grandfolks stepped up to the plate like any good grandparents would and helped to raise him. Many of the values he now espouse were planted by his grandparents, good, hardworking Americans with strong work ethics.  He is the all American boy.

    How do dreams come true? – hardwork and people who believe in your dreams – people who are within that six degrees of separation.  One cannot succeed in isolation. You need support and friends and just good hearted people.

Help me connect some of the youths I mentor and care about to the people I talk about in this blog = PDiddy, Mark Ronson,  Motown A&R, Clive Davis, Tyler Perry. Surely there must be some good hearted folk out there in cyberland – it is a vast land, I am asking you to step out from the pack and do this for goodness sake that’s all.


~ by tradeum on October 21, 2008.

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