Money is no option when it comes to financing your favourite politician

The sky may be drying up of money and the money tree many have no more bucks to shake but people are dishing out the dough to help their preferred politicians  win this important presidential race in the USA.


They are down to the wire and the money is coming because these people have a dream and their dream is being manifested before our eyes.  In the last week alone Barack Obama raised $36 million over and above the $150,000 mil the Americans donated to him. Meanwhile the Republican nominee, John McCain raised $84 million. On top of that he received money from the federal coffers to aid his campaign while Barack Obama, not wanting to be greedy graciously declined taking money from the taxpayers for his campaign.

Some critics are saying that McCain is wasting good money on non essentials like restocking Ms Palin’s wardrobe – paying an extra-ordinary amount of money for her hairdo and new clothes to the tune of approximately $23,000 while on the other hand paying his foreign policy advisor $12,500  a mere pittance. I suppose you get what you pay for.  Maybe it is important for Palin to look her best perhaps she may bring in more votes for McCain or women may be so jealous of her they may just turn to Barack.

The heat is on. May the best man win.

~ by tradeum on October 24, 2008.

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