Take the plunge, let’s begin 1,2,3

You may not think that you can help me realize a dream but maybe you can. You can take the first plunge. Let me hear from you even to say, I can’t help but you may want to try so and so or a particular website or email, something. Anything will be appreciated. We have more collective power than most of us realize and through this fabulous medium called the  the internet or blogging we can connect, share information and help each others like neighbours do because we are that close. We are close. We live in earth village.  As you help me so will you be helped as well.  Gifts are meant to be shared even with strangers and as you share – you give it away, so will your gifts be multiplied.

“We are connectors and mavens at the tipping point of communication able to make relationships with people all over the planet. We are just beginning to figure out the depth and breadth of the medium in which we are working. With the relationships we are making and the information we are gathering. If we set our minds in the same direction, who’s to say that we can’t change the world?”… read more at


This is great reading and insight.  Go for it neighbour.

Remember my wish is not for myself but to connect a few youths to start I would like to connect with Mark Ronson, Perry Tyler, A&R Motown, PDiddy. Thank you.

~ by tradeum on October 26, 2008.

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