Some of the Election Victory Headlines in the USofA

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Check these out quickly before they take them down as some of the media usually do:

North American little hidden gem

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The Heart of North America

Is there anyone with enough guts out there to respond to this blog. I won’t hold you responsible if I did not connect with the people I want to. These things take time and I am patient but please say something.  There must be someone out there reading these worlds.  Let’s get it going.

Thought for today – health

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To be healthy internally is to make the best use of all treasures. A healthy intellect acts like a mother, always showing the right path.

When internally one is strong, there is the natural ability to treat the mind with love and guide it towards the right direction. Such a healthy state of mind naturally enables the recognition and the proper utilisation of everything available. Once we have learnt the art of guiding our mind in the right direction with love, we then never experience the difficulty of having to bring back the mind to the right thinking. Because the mind is totally under control in a very easy and natural way and we don’t have to control it or force it to think or not to think in a particular way.

Barack Obama anointed by God?

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Never before in history has such explosion of love for a politician erupted such frenzy in people all over the world!  Was this a reaction to the world’s discontent with President Bush or is this for real.  I choose to think this love is for real. Mankind cannot stop the work of the Creator who has designed the universe and all that is within it.  Read what the Enlightened Beings have to say about this…

 Halelujah!!  The reality that Barack Obama is the president of the USA is a prophetic sign that we have shifted as a nation and are waking up as a planet.  There is something truly remarkable about this man.  He is much more than a president, he is a sacred Presence. 

You can hear it in the sound of his voice and the peaceful confident look on his face.  He simply causes you to relax and find a deeper trust inside yourself.  You can just FEEL that this man knows the power of God is within him, guiding his way in every moment and breath.

Wherever you live on the planet, Barack is going to make your life better.  He is a magnificent beacon of Light with solid values and devotion to creating a more enlightened world.  His mission is to help us all shift into a new paradigm of thinking, feeling and being.  He’s here to inspire us all to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Listening to his acceptance speech all I could think was this man is going to transform this entire world.  All I ask is that you send him a little love everyday.  Support him with your positive thoughts and vision.   Send him a letter of gratitude and support, for he’s here to lead us into world peace and true unification. 

Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Voicemail: 202-456-1111

Sending lots of love and light your way,

Thought for Today – Determination

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Determination fills a thought with power. Any thought which is added with determination automatically brings confidence. This confidence naturally fills the thought with power. When there is the thought, ‘I can do it’, there is surely the power to do it. Then there are no distractions, nor is there any comparison with others. All resources are put to the maximum use and the task is accomplished. When we are able to fill our positive thoughts with the power of determination, we are able to bring all our special thoughts and plans into action immediately. We are able to feel the satisfaction of bringing equality into our thoughts, words and actions. There is no feeling of helplessness, but there is only confidence and courage in doing what we are supposed to do.

A thought for today

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To bring newness into actions means to contribute for the betterment of the self and others. There is a constant desire to do something better that makes a contribution to oneself and to others too. So the one who thinks of newness can bring about such a contribution. There will not be something different that can be done. But the same thing can be done in such a way that there is benefit visible. When we are able to bring newness in the way we do things, we are able to experience constant progress. There will also be the satisfaction of bringing about newness and creativity even in ordinary actions. Along with this will also be the satisfaction of making a contribution in every action of ours.

Be inspired by this child surgeon from India

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Why and how do some children born with so many gifts than others? What are they made of – how can they see so clearly. We all have our own gifts sometimes if we stop looking at the gifts of others and concentrate on the gifts we have and be willing to share it, we will find that our gifts are just as powerful.  We place a premium on intellectual gits of a certain kind but there are other gifts e.g. the gift of connecting, of helping others or being selfless – these are all wonderful gifts.